Woman suing Red Sox after getting hit with foul ball


Sitting on the stand in Suffolk Superior Court, Stephanie Taubin described the moments just before she was hit by a foul ball at Fenway Park.

“I saw him hit the ball. I heard the ball come off the bat,” she said. “It came up toward the right and then came over and hit me in the left side of my face.”


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Taubin was at the ballpark enjoying a game in 2014 when a foul ball hit by Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz launched in her direction.

“It was so insanely fast,” she said. “The ball had definite spin on it.”

Taubin was sitting in the luxury boxes above home plate. There was no glass separating fans in her area. The glass that had been shielding the section Taubin was sitting in had been removed in 2005.

When the ball hit her, Taubin said she heard her bones crack.

“It just kind of knocked me,” Taubin said. “(I) felt the bones in my face crack and felt an enormous amount of pain.”

Taubin said she suffered facial fractures and neurological damage from the foul ball. She is suing the Boston Red Sox and their owner, John Henry, for negligence, and is asking for $9.5 million.

Henry testified on the case Friday, agreeing with Taubin’s attorney that the area behind home plate became more dangerous when the glass was removed. Ticket revenues for the new boxes more than doubled after the team renovated the area.

According to Red Sox records, in the nine years after the glass came down, as many as 51 people in the boxes above home plate were hit and required medical attention.

Testimony in the trial is expected to continue on Wednesday.


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